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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

tumby bay - day 16

Wow. 11 hours of straight sleep last night. I must have been tired. Feel much refreshed now.

We are so not wanting to go home, so I took myself down to the office at Modra Apartments and extended our stay for a few extra days. Yay.

This morning was planned to take the kids out on the biscuit at Ski Beach. Annie took to it like a duck to water and after only a little coaxing, Sean was on the biscuit with her. (pics to come). They both were on it last year and Sean's confidence took a little dent when he came off it. He doesn't like to go too quick for the biscuit to start planing across the water, so it dug it's nose in and he came off. So its damn wonderful to see him on it with a bit more gusto this year.

Sean came back to town with me in the ute, and Annie rode the biscuit all the way in to the head of the channel from Ski Beach. That's a fair way for her to hang on. She did so well.

Sean had a quick shower and I took him for his haircut. There's a lady here in Tumby, and the barber in Lincoln that cuts his hair well. The others, not so much.

We ripped into the shop for the daily supplies and we all had lunch. The kids decided they wanted a little downtime after this morning's activity so they relaxed with a DVD.

By mid afternoon the tide was up enough for Kym to take me out in the boat for a few of the photos I had been planning on getting. The kids were with us in the kayaks near the jetty while Kym quietly maneuvered the boat to where I needed to be for the shots I wanted to capture.

I really wanted to showcase the beautiful clear waters of Tumby and the colours that are here.

Kym dropped me off at the steps halfway up the jetty and I strolled back to the beach. While walking back along the jetty, I had an idea of another shot, but I needed my filters from the camera bag at the apartment. So while the kids ate their icecream rewards for helping me out with the kayak shots, I ripped back to pick up what I needed.

This is that 5 second long exposure shot.  (posted with permission)

Once back at the Cabin I had a cold cider or two and contemplated tea, while sitting out in the shade on our back lawn.

So very glad we can stay longer.

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