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Friday, January 4, 2013

tumby - day 4

This morning saw us holed up with the aircon on and armed with a couple of DVD's to while away the time. And just because it was hot, I wore a dress. Something I've been doing a bit more of lately.   :-)

Today was hot. Stinking bloody hot. But not for that long. By 1pm it was cooling off. By 2pm at Vac Swim is was very pleasant in the shade. Not at all oppressive like I had feared.

Sean's headache reoccurred after VAC swim, so I rang the chiropractor to see if I could get him in during the late afternoon. Kym took him down as Laura and her Dad were coming across from home late afternoon to cool off here in Tumby.

While waiting for the late afternoon, Annie and I went out with the Kayaks to chilliax. 

I also took out the GoPro camera for a bit of fun. I didn't quite get the shots I was hoping for, so I'll give it another go on another day. But I am still thrilled with the shots.  SOOC.

I love this shot. It was just after a boring selfie of the both of us, and I started to tip her out of the kayak. Hence this much more fun shot!!!!

 We came off the beach as the change started to blow in and it was quite windy from the south. So again we holed up for a bit. Laura and her Dad arrived and stayed for Pizza tea. The boys came back with Sean having had a small adjustment so we will see how he goes with it.

Since Sean had already had a shower before he went to Lincoln, he just need to wash his feet before heading to bed.

And that's a wrap.

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