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Monday, January 28, 2013


What have we been up to since coming home from Tumby Bay???

1. Bookwork coming out of my ears. - Accounts, Reconciling, BAS.

2. Covering School Books. This year was a team effort. Without my asking Kym sat down and using my boner scoring tool, he rubbed out any bumps and lumps in the contact. The kids applied their own name label stickers and I wrote on the subject names. 14 rolls of contact later and about 3 hours we were all done. Easy Peasy. I didn't dare say anything to Kym while he was on the job as he's likely to down tool and leave the table, but I did appreciate his help so I said so after it was all done.

3. Impromptu coffee catch up with the girls at the Bakery.

4. Finalising two requested briefs for scrapbooking magazines.

5. Sorting out our travel itinerary for later on this year. :)

6. Tunarama Saturday. We took in the Street Parade, sideshow alley, headed out to support Kym with his Clay Target Shooting for the Pt Lincoln 2 day shoot, had a scrummy seafood tea out there, and back in for the fireworks. 

I was in a position to be able to head out on the wharf were access is restricted to those who have gate passes. Out here I can shoot back to the jetty with the flotilla of boats silhouetted in front of the fireworks.

7. Sunday was a total relax day for the kids. They were stuffed.

8. I've been working with Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula with their updating of images for their banner and advertising to promote tourism on the EP. I've finalized their requirements today.

9. Planning out Tuesday for a day shooting with John White.

10. And enjoying the sleep ins while we still can. School will be upon us and the luxurious sleep ins stop.

11. Picking up the Peacock tail feathers. He had them all off in 5 days flat. And we lost the last of the peacock chicks on that last hot day. I think there is a combination of factors while this years clutch didn't survive. Tis very sad.

More images of the FIREWORKS on my Tiff Firth Photography page on Facebook.


Janice Nicholls said...

Gorgeous photos Tiff.....
You are always so busy yet you always find time to help me out ....THANK YOU Tiff I really do appreciate what you do for me. xx

amyf said...

wow u busy beaver! and you forgot to add that u got a new pussy! bet the kids r stoked!