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Thursday, January 3, 2013

tumby - day 3

The forecasted really hot day for here was revised and scaled back from 41 to a pleasant 34. I do know it was stinking hot at home yesterday so that made being here that little bit sweeter.

Plan A was for the boys to go fishing and the girls to go shopping and the library after a bit of a sleepin.
That all went to pot my mid morning. Annie and I were about to step out of the door when Kym rang to say Sean had enough, and after being inked by a squid, wanted to come in.

By the time we met them on Back Beach and ran around the shops for bits and thongs for Sean (he lost his the previous night when feeding the pelicans) he had a screamer headache. So Panadol and bed for him.

While he slept, Annie and I photographed Max in his holiday apartment lol.

It took quite a lot of waking Sean up for the first day of Vac Swim. He still wasn't 100% but the water seemed to revive him a bit.

We headed out on the kyaks after VacSwim for quite a while. It was just so lovely. Not at all hot, not like home.

Sean's headache returned and once again he was back in bed again after a shower. Kym was taking the kids out to the Snitzel night for tea, but a double booking and Sean's headache saw them come back to the apartment for fresh fish tea.

I was in Lincoln with Bec having a pasta tea with a view on the Fig Tree Board walk  before we went to Scrapworkz for the evening's Scrap Night.

And that about wraps up the third day.

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SueP said...

What a good day you had....and finished off nicely with a scrap night!! woohoo!!!