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Saturday, January 5, 2013

tumby - day 5

Today was one of those MAGIC days that's typical of Tumby. Warm, pleasant breeze. Just all round bliss. I packed up the ute with the kids things (its a bit of a Beach Bus more than a Farm Bus atm)....

....and we headed to the Marina for a paddle first.....

.....followed by a run on the Sandbar. This is the best place for kids. I love it and I'm very envious of those who have shacks right there on the Sandbar. 

The Sandbar really is Nature's Playground for kids. So safe, So pristine. So carefree.

I asked Annie to pop Max out on the lawn in the low evening light tonight. It was quite funny actually. Whenever Annie placed him in the right spot for me, he'd high-tail it back into his Holiday House. At least we know that if for some reason he gets out, he knows to get back in.

Tonight was a James Bond night. It's the first time the kids have been introduced to 'James'. So Sean got himself comfy and engrossed himself into it.

And that's our day.

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