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Monday, January 14, 2013

tumby - day 14

What a lovely day. Kym and the kids went to Second Creek to go crabbing and squidding while I worked on a bunch of photos from the last few days.

About lunchtime I recalled that Kym hadn't taken the kids lunch boxes with them, so I zipped down the street for a couple of treats and headed around the coast to Second Creek.

I did really enjoy watching Sean take the boat round while Kym pulled the crab pots.

 He ended up staying with Kym and I brought Annie back with me. We headed down the street to pick up a few supplies and discovered the yacht that had been at anchor near the jetty during the last week had dragged its anchor overnight. The yacht was keeled over in the sand and definitely not going anywhere until high tide. Apparently it was high and dry this morning with the very low tide. Wish I had known about it so I could rip down to grab a pic or two.

As it turned out, Annie and I watched the yacht right herself with the incoming tide, but she was still firmly held by the sand.

I love it when she wants the camera!!!!

It took the SES boat and a fair bit of churning of both motors to finally set the yacht free. I bet that was such a relief for the owners. The next high tide wasn't for another 12 hours time.

I guess Annie and I spent about an hour and a half at the jetty, chatting with the onlookers, watching and photographing the event. It wasn't until we were just about to leave that I remembered that I had bought icecream and by now it wasn't ICE cream anymore. So that was disposed off and a replacement bought.

Kym and Sean came into the apartment just after Annie and I did. Steak for tea. And I headed out for sunset. I decided to head to the Marina and Boat Ramp for something different. It was a sweet sky tonight and I'm really happy with what I have in the bag

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