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Sunday, January 13, 2013

tumby - day 13

After getting very very late last night and not being able to sleep until the painkillers kicked in, I didn't get a lot of sleep under my belt when Kym was up and moving quietly (?) around the apartment. He normally heads out for an early morning ride on the bike, walk or go fishing. Not this morning tho. It was raining. And quite steadily too. So he drove off somewhere to let us all sleep a bit longer. I think I had a total of 3 hours by the time the kids were heading to the bathroom.

With the rain backing off, but still very grey outside, the kids and I thought it a perfect day to go to the movies to watch 'Wreck-it Ralph'. Good movie and would recommend it.

We headed into Maccas for the kids lunch and hit a couple of shops for the beginning of the school year supplies (the annual new lunchbox, bulk buy school shirts, bits and bobs).

It wasn't until we were home that we heard that the Target building was on fire. The kids found that a bit surreal as we had not long been in there before we were home.

I dropped the Kayak in the Marina for Sean to have a paddle around to burn off some energy. Annie decided that it wasn't for her today. They walked back to the Apartment while I patiently waited for the right moment with a pelican on a light pole.

cleared for takeoff

runway lightpole clear for landing

I cooked a roast mutton for tea. Nothing smells quite as good as that. I headed out after tea to catch the sunset. And it was glorious.

And the best bit right now is...... I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow. I love holidays!!!

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