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Saturday, January 19, 2013

tumby - day 19

Saturday morning was a lazy morning. A little bit cooler outside, which has been rather nice. Kids took a ride out with Kym to Ungarra to check on the Gun club while I worked on some photos.

I had a plan to go out on the sandbar at low tide with a bunch of kids, bubble wands and the camera (of course). What a blast. I reckon I'll have a new profile pic when I get them sorted later. (pics to come).

Sophie and I took the (adult) kayaks for a paddle down the channel and explore the marina. I wish I could take my phone with me to get some pics on the way, but I just don't trust myself not to fall of the damn things. And I wasn't organised with the GoPro camera, as it was a split second decision to go out on the water.

I've been waiting and hoping the yachts would race while I'm here, and today was my lucky day. I sat on the beach and just hoped the yachts would come together for a good shot.

They did.  (real pics to come).

The Evan's girls and my two have been catching up a fair bit over the last day or so, and they had a bit of fun on the swings at the Apartments. (pics to come)

Every year a few of us catch up for a Big Girls Night Out. This year only a couple of us could get together with a new friend and it was easier for a Big Girls Night In instead.

A very late night and a good night had.

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