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Thursday, January 17, 2013

tumby - day 17

With a forecasted 44 degrees for Tumby today, we decided to get up early and hit the beach before the sun had too much sting. Kym ended up going fishing so the kids and I loaded up the kayaks and headed near the jetty.

At 9am we were in the water and it really was just so lovely. I had the GoPro camera on video mode on a chest harness with Sean while he was out paddling around. When I watched it later on I just about wet myself laughing. For the 20 mins duration of the clip, there was a hilarious commentary by his truly. Most about ragging Annie, but it was just a scream. Now she can't wait for her turn to get payback.

(images posted with permission)

By 11am the breeze was just starting to pick up and become that foul hot Northerly. We up-stumped  went to the library to change books, swung past the IGA for a few supplies, grabbed a couple of DVD's from Hale's and holed up for the rest of the day. Thank goodness for aircons!!!

I met Brigette and her daughter at 4pm to head to Lincoln for scrapnight at Scrapworkz. We both had a couple of things to do before hand and we decided to have an early Chinese tea at the Ming Inn restaurant  That turned out to be a very wise decision as the breeze really picked up just before the front came thru and it was truly awful to be outside. Again aircon is bliss.

Amy and I had each other primed up to wear our -lol- same same dresses that night. She bought hers on Jetty Road in Glenelg and I bought mine from a little dress shop in Cummins. Go figure!

The night had cooled off nicely by the time we were heading back to Tumby and Pt Neil. Nice to feel a cooler breeze.

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