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Friday, January 18, 2013

tumby - day 18

What a difference in weather from one day to the next. Yesterday's stinking hot 44 followed by today's 24. Damn near felt cold lol. I did have jeans on all day today, first time since being here. The kids even thought it wasn't warm enough to get in the water.

We took a stroll up the jetty. Annie's hat blew off and a lovely young chap on the beach very kindly jumped into the water to retrieve it for her. He just did it without even being asked. So great to see young kids doing good deeds.

I took a few shots on the jetty as the water was quite luminescent at that stage of the day. (pics to come). We swung into the IGA for our daily short shopping list and then the kids decided they just wanted to do nothing for a while. LOL. That lasted 30 mins as I had us out of the door visiting Sophie. While we there I took a few photos with the Camera Club's monthly subject in mind - eyes- which led into a quick 10min shoot with her girls. And their dog FiFi. I can't show the girls as I haven't asked permission too, but there are just gorgeous shots of them.

When we got back to the cabin I asked Sean to do his cross-eyes, something that Annie hasn't quite got a handle on yet.  (just looking at this makes my eyes hurt)

We had an extremely lazy afternoon and Annie was asked over to the girls house for a sleepover, so tonight I am the alpha chick in da house!! :-)

Kym had a bit of a boys day today and we didn't see him at all. My turn tomorrow and there are a few of us having a 'big girls night in'. (not here tho phewwwwww)

looking forward to that one!!!

Soph dropped in tonight for a couple of coldies and chat for a while. Love having visitors. CC always goes down better with a friend.

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