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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

tumby - day 9

The kids had a much needed sleepin this morning. I didn't set the alarm clock for Mission. I wanted them to wake up when they were ready. By 8.15am they were both out of bed and moving around. I dropped them off to Mission as the bus had well and truly come and gone (I did txt the driver to not to wait for us). And we were still on  time for Mission  :-)

We have visitors staying this afternoon and tonight so I picked up a few supplies from the shop, came back to the Apartment, blogged, tidied up, processed a few shots for Scrapping and it was time to pick up the kids from the bus.

I ride my bike and carry to bike helmets and two scooters down to the Bus Stop. Its a bit awkward but I manage. Lunch back here, a bit of chill time, then we are off to the beach for Vacswim.

By the time we back from that, Sharon and Bridget were here. We all had a leisurely time in the shade on our lawn as the kids had had enough of the beach today.

On the way to dinner we stopped to feed the seagulls and pelicans. No wasted bread here.

Sean and Kym rode their bikes to the Seabreeze for tea while we girls walked in the lovely evening
and enjoyed a stretch of legs. Tea was delicious and I certainly needed that walk back.

Now it was serious game time. Whenever we see Sharon, its always Scrabble. And its so much fun. But tonight we went with Pictionary, Annie's Christmas present from Father Christmas. Sean, Kym and Bridge, vs Annie, Sharon and me. What a hoot. Sean is amazingly quick to guess the pics Kym draws. I think they must operate on the same wavelength lol. Annie is so on to it, that she had guessed a lot of our clues before Sharon or I had.  We won the game...... just. A lot of laughing to be had.

Game/Brain Food!

The kids got put to bed and we set in playing Bottoms with cards. We did get told to 'quieten down' by Annie a couple of times lol. Another late night with a lot of fun.

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