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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

tumby bay - day 8

This morning started with a very early text on my phone  :(   , which happened to be on the bedside table so I would hear the alarm clock. After the txt tone sounded I just couldn't get back to sleep. So after the kids caught the bus to Mission and I brought their scooters back on my bike, I tried to have a quick nap to catch up.

I took a quick snap before heading out for the day of some of the holiday 'toys'.  Hence the need to bring  a trailer and vehicle load to Tumby a couple of days before we officially arrived.

11am saw me sitting out on the deck at The Ritz Cafe with Christina enjoying the morning view of the sea. The colour of the water was so lovely as it had been calm for over a day and the water was sooooo clean.

We have Kym's sister Sharon and her daughter Brig coming to stay with us tomorrow night, so I headed back home to collect swags, pick up the mail and catch up with the 'Gal Pals'. Love them always. xxx

The 5 Loaves Bakery has the most awesome Vanilla Slices (aka Snot Blocks) and when ever she can, Trish likes to remind Lou about them.   :)

(pics posted with permission)

Kym had picked up the kids from the Mission Bus, took them to VacSwim and then to the Sandcastle Comp mid afternoon. Unfortunately by then the breeze had sprung up and it wasn't that nice on the Beach. And as it was the leaders announced the incorrect time for the comp, so it was our kids and 1 other there for the announced time. The advertised time on the flyers was for an hour later, and it was just unpleasant to be there, so Kym brought the kids back to the Apartment before the advertised time.

So they chilled for a bit. When I arrived back, we had an early tea and headed out to the Excell Museum Open Night. We go each year and the kids still love it. Sean got really involved this year on the forge and anvil. He hammered out a little horse shoe as his personal souvenir. Lucky him.

The kids were in bed relatively early as we have a couple of larger nights coming up and they still have  Mission in the mornings and VacSwim in the arvos.


Trish.A said...

Poor Louise, I hope she still luvs us... xox

beaded lace motifs said...

Hope you had good time there with people joining at home. And if you can, why not share those pictures, where you had great time with Kym's sister Sharon and her daughter Brig.