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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

tumby - day 23

I haven't unpacked the ute from yesterdays beach gear, (kayaks, waveboard, skimboard, boogie boards, sunshade, life jackets, swim bag and stuff. So Kym took an early trip home in my ute to pop them away.

By 8am we were up, breakfasted and by 9.30am I had it all packed up, showered, changed and ready to go. Kym arrived with the trailer so I could take the bikes while he towed the boat with his ute.

There's nothing quite like a vehicle full of sand that says 'what an awesome time at the beach'.

Whilst we were still not ready to go (well me really, I think the kids had had enough by now) it's rather nice to be home. Unpacked. 3 loads of washing. all dried. changed all the bed sheets. school books covered (DH helped and that was a bonus). even had time for a leisurely lunch hour at the Five Loaves Bakery with Stephen SykesPam Hewstone and Judy. 

Big bookwork day tomorrow and then hit the pool with the GoPro and kids. Bring it on!!

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