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Monday, January 21, 2013

tumby - day 21

Mary and Annie were up by 7.30 to fishing at Second Creek with Kym. Once they were on their way, I snuck back to bed for a bit longer.

By 10 I cycled down to where Sean had his sleep over and promptly came back. There was not a sound or a movement to be seen and I didn't want to knock on the door to wake them up. By 10.45 I sent a txt and returned when I had the reply that everyone was up.

I collected Sean and we headed off to Second Creek to see how the girls were going. They had several squid and tommies on board, and by the time we got there, they were off the boat and playing on the beach.

We stayed for an extra hour or so while they played and explored the pools of water and the big round rocks the receding tide had revealed.

When we were ready to leave, I asked the crew if they wanted to head back or go exploring. Exploring got the nod, and I took a track that lead to who knows where. After a bit of 4WDriving, we came out on the sandbar on the other side of Second Creek. Something that I've wanted to do for aaaggggeeeeessssss. And it was low tide and perfect for running on. So the kids happily went were I asked them to go for a few (hopefully) tourist images.

When we came back to town it was icecream rewards all round. 

When we got back to the Apartment, we found this little fella hanging around. He must have been hand reared as he was not at all timid of us and tolerated us stroking his back. I didn't want it to be picked up or fed by the kids, otherwise it probably wouldn't go. But it was very entertaining for an hour or so. I did get some great shots with the canon as well as a quick shot with the phone.

I shot some video too from the phone, and I'll get round to posting that here shortly.

Mid afternoon saw us at the Bakery with Mel Crosby and her girls. We took ice coffee/coffee to the playground for the little girls to play for a while. She sure is a busy Mum, but it great to catch up again.

Late afternoon saw me having a cat nap while the kids occupied themselves in the same room as me on the laptop/desktop. I'm heading out late tonight to catch my star shot, and I need to get up some energy.

Kym cooked Calamari for tea and we all took in a DVD lying on our big bed. I love those snuggly family times.

I've caught up on the blogging and am about to head out to catch the night.


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