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Sunday, January 20, 2013

tumby - day 20

Today was the day we were supposed to go home.  And it feels so wonderful that we are not going for another few days. That was so the right decision to make.

A bit of a sleepin this morning. The kids were so good. They read their books till I stirred. By mid morning we were up and about. What a lovely day. I made a phone call to Mel (Cootie) Crosby and we were off to Pt Neill for the rest of the day.

What a bloody awesome day we all had. I put up the Coolibar shade on the lawns, spread out the picnic blankets, pulled out the kayaks, the wave board, the skim board and just let the kids go for it. There were 4 other couples and us. Lots of kids having a big bunch of fun.

 Annie wanted me to take a photo of her waving to Paige.  xxxxxxxxxx

Brigette Siebert met us on the lawns with the kids and we were off up the jetty to go jetty jumping. This is a close as I get to jumping.  :-P  (this is also my new profile pic on FB)

Before I knew it, it was past 6pm and we had to head back to Tumby to swap kids over for sleepovers and I wanted to shot the night sky on a special project.

Teas had, Mary stayed here, while Sean stayed over there. He was very excited. He'd be the alpha male. Annie and Mary weren't long out of bed. We all have had a big day on the beach and were puffed.

Once they were settled, I headed out to search for Balls of Light in a spot that I've being eyeing off, waiting for the right moonlight. I had equipment failure when my torch came away from the rope I had it attached too. Lucky I saw it whizz away and it stayed lit when it landed in the dark under a bush, so I could retrieve it. I thought it was good time to stop and have a go the following night. That and the fact the blister I had created by swinging the light had popped and was bleeding at this point.  lol... the things I do to get 'that' shot.  I don't quite have it yet, so there is no pic of this night to show. Tomorrow night I hope to have it

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