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Saturday, January 12, 2013

tumby - day 12

Today was a day of rest and relaxation. No more alarm clock to be on time for the Family Mission Bus. No more Vacswim. No more needing to be anywhere at all. And seeing that it such a dull grey day, we had a total sloth day.

No one was awake until 9am so we must have all needed a sleep in. After a leisurely pancake breakfast, Kym thought he head home to check the waterlines, the chooks, his tomatoes (his precious little red babies) and the peacock chicks (which he detests with passion). The kids went with him to fill in some of their day.

As I'm not sleeping particularly well, (a few aches in the knees and shoulders are giving me grief), I took the chance to climb back in between the sheets and catch up on a few winks.

I woke up much refreshed some time later and had a little brainwave. I rang Amy to see if she wanted some scrappy (her) and me on laptop time later that arvo and evening. With a very enthused yes, we had it sorted. And for Gina to swing by later.

Kym had the kids all sorted for a sloth afternoon with DVD's and chillaxing so I was right to go.

Amy and I have a standing order of frappes whenever we catch up in Lincoln, so I had the Maccas pickup on the way to her home.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

I brought along a little bucket of brain food for the evening.

When Gina came in I just had to take a shot of us 'lap dancing' lol

The things you get up to very late in the night. hahahhahahha.

Love these two women. Such a special friendship. xxx

(photos posted with permission)

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