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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

tumby - day 1

holidays 2013.

I had packed most of what we needed to bring across done yesterday (new years eve day) and that just left the eskies, and other little bits and bobs to be done this morning.

By 1pm we had the key. By 3pm I had everything unpacked and in place, including the car/trailer load of bikes, kayaks  wave board, boogie boards and other assorted things that I brought over and stashed in my Mum's shed. By 3.15 we were on the beach. Kids in Kayaks, Kym and I with a beer and my camera.

I've been having conversations with Rebecca Beattie over the last few days as she and her family are having a travelling holiday. They've been making their way around our awesome Eyre Peninsula and they also booked into Tumby today for a stop.

So we at last met in real life, on the beach with the kids having a splash, or a paddle. Lots of chatting and concreting a friendship.

We decided to all have Fish and Chips for tea from the shop and spend the evening on the beach. And what a glorious evening it was.

One of Bec's dear little men. He has that innocence in his eyes that only young children have!!!

Bec and I are walking out onto Tumby Island tomorrow on the low tide to photograph a rock arch, nesting ospreys and beat the tide coming back in.


amyf said...

dont be sleeping on the beach out there will u!!!

Rebecca Beattie said...

It was such an awesome day! You and your family are just beautiful and we enjoyed spending some family time with yours xxx