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Thursday, January 10, 2013

tumby - day 10

Hump day of our stay here.

Bacon and egg breakfast with Sharon and Bridg before farewelling them on their way back home. The kids still got to Mission on time and I caught up on sleep as I had a crap sleep the night before.

VacSwim in the arvo, a quick shower and change and off to the Red Hot Summer Concert featuring Jimmy Barnes, Dragon, Ian Moss and Chocolate Starfish. We bought tickets with the Modra family ages ago and it was bloody brilliant to have all the kids there too. How cool is it to say that our kids' first rock concert was Jimmy Barnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the camera home and just used the iPhone for a few shots.

posted with permission

I took in a few big bottles of Bubbles for the kids to blow, and a jumbo size container of Glow sticks for after dark fun. And so we could see where our kids were.

The organisers could make an absolute killing if they sold bubbles and glow sticks as part of the merchandise as we were the only ones with bubbles and only a few had glow sticks. Food for thought.

The kids rated tonight as a 9/10. I love that they dug it as much as us 'big' kids.

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