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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

los angeles 25.1.12

 Crunch time today. Pack the bag day.

Managed to prune the camera backpack down to 8 kilos. 2 bodies, 3 lenses, filters, timer, 4 x batteries.  In the little shoulder day bag I have the 2 different battery charges, the USA adapter, the cleaning kit, another lens, the speedlight, the Alphine butterfly brush and loupe for the delicate sensor clean. That bag is in the luggage.

Shoes. I'm not a shoe person. I like my footwear to be functional hence the boots. Rossi's, Dress boots, Hiking Boots. I don't intend to buy any shoes over there.

 Cash for tips, bus/train/taxi fares. And a Starbucks Espresso Frappuccino. Play money really.


  • Tripod bag =7.5kgs. Tripod, umbrella, Rossi boots, 4xsocks. Thick lambswool lined heavy weight waterproof jacket that comes to my knees.
  • Camera Backpack - as above with empty waterbottle to fill on flight.
  • Laptop bag. 7kgs. Using it as my little overnight bag as such besides the laptop. Has the plastic ziplock bag of 100ml containers. ie toothpaste, cleanser, moisteruiser, eyecream, lipbalm. foundation. toothbrush. puffer. Contains my documents needed for boarding and customs. Powercords for laptop, USB lead for iphone, (will be charging during flight in the fangdangle chair I'll be in), my reading for the flight with associated maps and info. other bits and pieces.
  • suitcase. clothing for up to -6.0C. I did find it a bit hard to think of cold weather clothes when the last few days have been over 35C. I damn near forgot to pack the 2 jumpers I own. I'm going to find a couple more over there as there is nothing here in a winter weight fabric in the middle of summer. 

I did manage to squeeze in 8 packets of Tim Tams on Lee-Anne's request. Tim Tam are akin to bribery offers over there ;op

Staying in Lincoln tonight with my Grandfather as the airport to leave in the morning at 6.40am is sooooo much closer to him than to us at home. We (us 4 Firths) had tea with my Grandfather and a couple of mutual friends before the kids and Kym bade me goodbye.  I had a lump in my throat as watched them leave and a pretty exciting feeling inside as well.

All I can say is thank goodness for Skype. Can't Viber as Kym doesn't have an Iphone, can't Facebook with him and the kids as he doesn't Facebook, so it's good ol ringing up the phone or seeing if he remembers what I showed him about Skype. I did show the kids too, so I think Sean will remind him of what to do.


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