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Saturday, January 14, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 14

A wonderful way to wake up is to be served pancakes.......love those little moments.

Kym took the kids to pull the yabbie nets he set a couple of days ago
annie firth photography  ;O)

and I headed out to a ruin that needed the morning sun to bring out all the details of the stone work.

now if I remember rightly the family that was in this home had 9 children, 5 of which were boys. The building out the back was the boys bedroom. The main structure was full of antique furniture which was all lost during the Wangary fire 7 years ago. They both lost there roofs then too.

I took my time and meandered back north thru the hills on all the backtracks I could find. I did come across the  Pillaworta Weir.

I saw this stately tree and thought it would make a great image to go on a Sympathy Card.

Once back in Tumby early afternoon I pedalled down to Elfrieda Drive to catch up with a couple of the girls with a couple of ciders in hand. While I was there I spotted a fella flying a red kite on the sandbar. I pedalled back to the apartment as fast as I could, grabbed the camera and took off like the wind to the sandbar. I was just in time to ask him if he minded my taking pictures of him and the kite. He was just about to pack up but he was more than happy to oblige me a few more minutes. I was chatting with him while taking the shots and learnt this is a training kite to build up upper body strength and to learn the nuances of the kite with the wind. How perfect to have the pop of the red kite and shirt. Couldn't have asked for better.

While on the beach.......soak up a little bit of Vit D and catch up on some reading.

And while down on Elfrieda Drive there were kids EVERYWHERE on bikes, ripsticks, and scooters. They very obliging lined up for a shot that I took on the phone. I laid in the middle of the road for this one. ;o)    I purposely not taken full body shots. I just wanted the impression of the kids, their summer tans and all the modes of transport. I love the shot.

Sean is at long last on two wheels. I think seeing the kids on the street on their bikes has encouraged him to go for it....... very proud mum moment.

A bit of a social evening with a few kids dropping in made it fun.

Yabbies for entree

 Kids strawberries and yoghurt for dessert. Very patriotic ;O)  (image from a few days ago)


SueP said...

looks like you are having loads of fun Tiff!! Great memories of your holiday here with these pics!!

Love those ruins....where are they??

:) Tiff said...

Sue. near North Shields ;O)