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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

tumby 2012 - day 4

I headed out for the dawn sunrise with hopes of some of last nights cloud still lingering overhead. I was not disappointed. :O)

The gorgeous pastels of the blue hour

 lead to the fiery orange and pinks pre dawn.

The actual dawn was such a non affair after all that colour ;O)

After climbing back into bed for an hour or so the kids and I tided up the cabin and headed to Lincoln to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked.  Funny and worth it.

If the kids have been good at the movies I always reward them with a Wendy's ice-cream. It always works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We collected Sean's early birthday present for him.

He's never had a brand new bike, they've all been hand me downs so have a shiny new one is very special for him. And he didn't want trainer wheels. Yahoooooo for that. Now to just get him going on it!!!  ;op

Kym was crabbing for Blue Swimmers today and he came home with more than enough for tea. I had pizza. Can't stand crabs. Blah!!

I didn't bother with sunset tonight. We all snuggled up and watched a DVD in our big bed. Kym promptly started snoring which stopped after Annie poked him in the ribs.  :O)

First day of VAC swim tomorrow. Yay!!!

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