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Friday, January 13, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 13

Last day of Family Mission today. The kids have enjoyed the week at Mission so much. This was Annie's fourth year and Sean's first. From a parent's point of view it is a SAFE place to leave the kids for the morning. And there's local faces that I know from home wish is so very reassuring.

And the last day for VAC swim too. Sean did well.

Annie's group had a session on the wave boards. They look like so much fun.

(looks so grown up all of a sudden!!)

 I've been eyeing the boards for a while and unbeknown to the kids I got one in Lincoln yesterday. They are not cheap, so they are sharing one. I believe in rewarding good behaviour and effort. This was a really busy week for the kids I hoped they got a lot out of it. So providing they both passed VAC swim and both didn't have any issues at Family Mission, they would be rewarded.

This is their reward.

We had a wonderful surprise visit from Paige. It's always a brighter day when she's around. ;o)

I headed out late this arvo to a ruin that I've had permission to shoot.

And tea tonight at the Tumby Hotel. Friday is Steak and Seafood nights.

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Anonymous said...

"Chew my ear, chew my ear!" :P love ya all. xx