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Monday, January 16, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 16

Both the kids headed out fishin with Kym at Second Creek for the morning. I used the time to reconcile last month's accounts as I'll have precious little time for things at home before I leave on the 26th....... only  10 days away.

It still doesn't feel real yet. I don't think it will until I get home from our family holiday, unpacked and washed everything and start packing for winter in Los Angles and the Grand Canyon. I'm not too concerned about the weather at LA, its much like our winter and I'll be inside at Prima Headquarters for 2 days of classes and then Anaheim Convention Centre for  Winter CHA 2012. I've booked all my classes and business conferences. The first day will be my busiest with 4 conferences. I'm attended classes from the second day onwards.

Grand Canyon, on the other hand will be cold. Seriously cold. It often snows there on the rims and if it doesn't snow it will be frosty. I'll be up predawn every day and that's the bit I'm packing the thermal clothes for.  :O)

Anyway, I digress......

Reconcile balanced. Yay.  Monthly accounts paid. double Yay.

I met the crew at Second Creek at 11.30 for low tide. I wanted Kym run my over to the sand bank on the other side via the boat during low tide so I could take some images. That journey would have been all of 30 metres lol.

So much to capture at low tide at this place.

After the kids had a run on the sandbar with me and Kym dropped us back to the orginal side, I brought the kids back to the apartment for lunch and a veg attack. I worked some images while the kids had some chill time.

I took them out with the wave board late this arvo but the waves were just too big for Sean to handle the board. He had a go and then we canned the idea.

I headed out for sunset as a really nice cloud came over the horizon. By the time the sun hit the deck, the cloud had moved too far to be in frame.



mandysea said...

wow tiff, just read through your holiday so far.... UNREAL - sooo gorgeous!!!

Glad you are having sooo much fun!

:) Tiff said...

awwww thanks babe. It's been such a recharge for the system.