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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Los Angeles 28.1.12

First day of Winter CHA 2012. And we nearly all overslept. lol. We all woke around 6.30am and all fell back to sleep until 9am. Jeepers Creepers. It opened for Registrations by 10am and Lee-Anne had her first class at 10am. So it was a quick-get-dressed, brush the teeth, slap on the sunscreen (they have such warm mild winters here at CHA), drag a comb thru the mop and out the door.

The Anaheim Convention Centre is only a 15 minute walk away so off with a brisk pace we went. Lee-Anne had us all registered online so checking in, getting the passes, the CHA book and map didn't take long at all.

While Lee-Anne was in class for the next two hours and my first of 3 seminars didn't start until 12pm, Danny and I headed to the local Target for a fresh fruit salad (its like a combination of Woolies, Coles and Target at home) and to sort out my bloody phone. With time restraints on walking the extra 2 miles round trip just for a SIM card, I ended up buying a disposable phone that only operates for a month, with a bit of extra credit for international calls.

By the time we made it back to the motel, plugged in the phone, grabbed what I needed for the seminars, it was time to head back to CHA to start getting in the line.  The first one I went to was 'Lights Camera Action... Projects that Sell Products. That was basically about how to set up a 'stage' for video taping demonstration of product and how to manipulate that video for interest, ie music, take outs, fast forward, captions etc.  It was interesting.

Something I really noticed in this seminar was just how many people had ipads and were using them with an apple wireless keyboard to take notes. Nearly every 3rd person was quietly tapping away.

Second seminar straight after the first one was very informative. Build Community and Brand Distinction with your Blog.  Lots of notes written on this one.

Third seminar was Protecting your Creativity in the Digital Age. I was really keen to get to this one as this covers both the scrapbooking side and the photography side of me. Much of it was based on the American Law System, but is still relevant taken in context with Australian Law. Lots of food for thought there!!!!!

By the end of the third seminar, I was brain fogged. The exhibiton wasnt due to open until tomorrow and Lee-Anne and Danny were back at the hotel after her class. She spent the time making her Prima Crazy hat and Danny was setting up her phone that he bought for her to use here for the week instead of them using the one phone. Getting it set up proved to be a frustrating time for him.

By this time Danny and Lee-Anne's friends from Utah had arrived and off to Disney LA Adventure Tour. One of the ladies was a 'cast' member so she had wonderful local knowledge and how to navigate the parking, how to 'fast track' the rides, or go as 'single rider'.

First stop was the 'Soarin over California' . We sat in a row of seats that was lifted off the round and suspened high in the air before a curved 180 big screen and we 'flew' over California. The seats moved to the right and left as the plane banked and turned, there was the scent of the orange groves as we flew over them, and the really great sound.  Recommend this one for sure.

Next was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. If you don't like heights or the sudden dropping motion, dont do this one. You go up in a lift, seated and belted and the door opens to the big wide world before it suddenly drops a few floors. and then you zoom up, down, up, shake, down, up a bit and then down.  Scary. I had my hand over my mouth to stifle my screaming.

While on a high we took on the 'Screamer' RollerCoaster. Yep. I screamed. We had made a dinner reservation at one of the resturants there which also gave us front row best view in the house of the new 'World in colour, light and Water show.' That is a masterpiece of how to manipulate water, watching amination on a 'screen' of water, and awesome displays of water ballet.  A must see. Doing the resturant thing was $30US which included the food, a drink and the boardwalk.  Better than cuing up with the other 600 odd people for a spot. Especially for kids.

Once that was done, the California Park closes, and since its Saturday night, DisneyLand which is right there as well, is open until Midnight.  We Fast Tracked the Indina Jones ride and while waiting for our time slot, we went to the Pirates of the Carriebian. So much detail into all of these things.  Love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow!!!!!

We also visited Disney City Hall to get my, Danny's and Lee-anne's first timer badge, and went to the Haunted Mansion.  Creepy.

Back  to the Indiana Jones ride. It's like a tamish small rollercoaster in jeeps, but its all underground.  Defienly fast track this ride. It's quite a walk down there, and it was still warm even tho is was nearly midnight. I'd hate to be in the normal queue during daylight hours. Its a very popular ride and wait times for up to an hour and a half are not uncommon.

Points to take note.

  • Buy a 2 day pass to see the fireworks over the castle on another night.
  •  Go on a Saturday night. Once one is closed most of the crowd goes home. Go over to Disney Land. Most of them are going home after the fire works. Very little wait time in the queues this hour of night.
  • Night time is much cooler. The winters are warmer than ours and the summers are bloody hot. But still bring the jacket.
  • fast track the popular ride and then come back to it in the alloted time frame.
  • single pass allows your party to go individually as filler for spare seats. (obviously not for families with children)
  • comfortable shoes. there's a lot of walking.
  • be a kid and enjoy it.
  • swap pins/badges
  • park in the carpark near the esculater. (6 story carpark was massive)
  • keep a head count. we had a party of 7 adults and that was hard enough let alone involving kids.
  • cast (staff) always smile and are very courteous.  After all it is the happiest place on earth.
By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 1am. It was then I made a fatal error. I had the last three swallows of my Starbuck Frappacino - forgetting that's caffine unlike the Farmer's union Feel Good at home. I think my eyes eventually closed around 4.30am.... until then I read my book on Photographing the South West.  Won't be making that mistake again.  

nite nite.


Janice Nicholls said...

Another day on the go from early till late. Good stuff Tiff. Say hello to Louise from me. Have a great day tomorrow. :) xx

Donna said...

sounds like fun!...say hello to Lou from me too and enjoy!

:) Tiff said...

will do Donna. And I'll pass it on Janice. She staying over for a few days in April after the retreat.