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Thursday, January 19, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 19

With Kym being on farm overnight, that meant no 6.30am boiling of the kettle for his first cup of coffee for the day. And with the style of apartment we have each summer, that kettle is damn noisy at that hour of the day.  :-/

(PS the images in the galleries of each type of unit that have the white keyline on them are ones I shot for the Modra Apartments last summer  :O)   )

So after a leisurely beginning to the day, I took the kids out to Thurana for a quick Australia Day photoshoot. I'm feeling very nostalgic for this day this year as I'm leaving for a 2 week trip to the States on that day.  So I want to have a bit of Aussie with me on the flight. :O)

Annie had a cracker idea for a shot, and it worked ever so nicely.

I upgraded her usual Paddle Pop fee to a Magnum icecream to reward her initiative.  Sean earnt his upgrade as well by planting his feet wide in this shot to give it a bit of extra character.  (lol had find some excuse for him wink wink)

 We had fun with bubbles too, and with the sea breeze they were really zooming along!!

Kym was back at the cabin when we got back for late lunch. I started packing up all our gear as were we scheduled to leave the next morning.

I had a phone call mid afternoon from Brigette S to see if I'd like a lift to Lincoln for scrapping. Hell yes. Of course.  I was packed and ready to go in 5 minutes flat.  (laptop doesn't take much to pack lol)

While Brigette was at an appointment I took her 4wd thru the carwash

Pizza for tea with her daughter on the foreshore and then round to scrapping. Seeing that I wasn't driving (a very rare event indeed) I splurged out a little bit.

Lots of laughs with the girls. And a late night back in Tumby. Thanks so much Brigette for ringing me!!!! mwah

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