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Monday, January 2, 2012

tumby 2012 -day 2

With a weather front forecasted to be moving in overnight/early morning, I had hopes for a good sunrise.

I wasn't disappointed

Blue hour


Today was a day of firsts for us. First time to dip the not long acquired 15 foot dingy in the water for some family fun. 25horses proved to be plenty enough to drag the biscuit. At first Annie and I went out together on it. I think Kym enjoyed my scared face on occasion. Annie loved it. Then Sean came on with me. He loved it too. A bit slower pace for him, but not much. Then Annie wanted to go solo. You ripper. Gave me a chance to dry my hair on the boat (yes, I did slide off the biscuit a couple of times.)  She had such a glowing happy face. Little Achiever. Sean decided that if Annie can, he can. He kept putting his thumb up to go faster. Little bugga was trying to give me heart failure.  Proud Mum moment. No photos as this stage :O)

I took some shots of Ski Beach as the cloud was starting to build up nicely.

After chilling out from the mornings activites and a late lunch I took the kids to the playground near the jetty. Quasar was tied up to the jetty. I remember seeing this yacht when I was a kid sailing with my Grandpa, so she a good age now, and still kept in pristine condition. Of course it was a photo op.

The sky was really starting to build up late arvo so I took a quick stroll half way up the jetty to face west over the town to get it all in.

Kym headed back to the farm late this arvo to move the last of the grain off the farm tomorrow and to water his vegie patch. The kids are hanging to see him back here asap to go out on the biscuit again!!!!

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