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Thursday, January 5, 2012

tumby 2012 - day 5

What a lovely relaxing kinda nothing type of day. I decided not to go out to catch dawn so I could have the kids snuggle in with me or me with them this morning. LOL I was up before they were ;O) as they both slept in a bit. It was nice to have a sleep in for me too.

The breeze was up a bit so no going on the biscuit or fishing today. So we slothed for a while and Kym took them down to the playground to run off some energy. They went out onto the sandbar as well.

Kym gave Sean a hand with his bike for a while.

Now I know this is going to sound a bit like overkill, but there's a damn good reason for it. We have both the iMac and my laptop here with us. Kym's learning the iMac as he needs to navigate it with confidence while I'm away later this month and for a fair bit of next month. So he wanted to have it here to get used to it. It didn't fuss me at all, so it came with us.

It does save the kids arguing over who's turn is to play Angry Birds. Sean's teaching Kym atm. Funny to watch. ;OP

VAC swim started for us today. Both Kym and I are very firm believers in having the kids  go to Royal Life at our local pool (just before Christmas) and VAC swim in the sea in January. What they teach at one is completely and utterly different at the other. And we want our kids to be safe in the sea as much as we can prepare them for considering they both have been going out in boats since very young.

Later in the arvo we visited some friends in what I call 'shack row'. Sweet little spot that overlooks directly onto the sandbar!!

While visiting our friends, this plane flew overhead and it reminded me of what I'm doing on the 26th of Jan!!!

Snitty night at the Tumby tonight for tea. I think Kym was eyeing off the Steak and Seafood menu that happens on Friday nights. :O)

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