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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 17

Dawn was a cracker this morning...... there was a bank of cloud in the right place at the right time and it fired up.  Sweet stuff!!!!!

Blue hour.


Pylon sunburst

 5.30am alarm clock tends to knock me around a bit so I usually head back to bed for a quick hour catchup if I can. This morning I waited for Sean and Kym to head out fishing while Annie devoured a book in bed.

After the promising start to the day, it turned grey, cool, breezy and occasionally damp. :O(

Laura and her son came over the hill for a visit and we originally intended to have a day on a pristine beach not far from here with the kids, picking Sean up from fishing on the way. According to the weather map yesterday, it was to be fairly warm and not a lot of breeze. Well, we had the opposite, so we scouted that particular beach for a possible photo shoot later on and high tailed back to the Bakery in Tumby.

After lunch and browsing the shops we all came back here for a while. Great to catch up.

By the time Laura left, it was starting to rain. So the kids had a bit of a vegie arvo while I worked on yesterday's photos.

Late afternoon saw the western horizon start to open up at last. Kym was back from fishing early arvo and had been smoking the Tommies since. He came round to drop off the left over bits from filleting the garfish for Sean to feed the pelicans. Annie headed back with Kym to finish smoking the fish.

While Sean was feeding the pelicans,

I noticed how calm and still the waters were and was thinking just how pleasant a paddle in a kayak would be, when Christina came down the beach and asked if I wanted to go Kayaking for a cup of coffee at the Ritz. (Ice Coffee for me lol)

I trotted back to the cabin, parked the camera and picked up Sean's life jacket. He sat up on the nose of the Kayak while I paddled. About half way to the Ritz a rain scud blew through and we were drenched. But hell it was fun to be in it. Exhilarating really and I was laughing a fair bit, and fairly loudly. We also saw a 180 degree rainbow over the bay..... oh to have the camera on hand, even the phone would have sufficed.

The breeze had picked up which made the thought of kayaking against it just a bit too much to consider. Fortunately a friend of Christina's was at the jetty so we could borrow their car to get back to Christina's shack. And the hubby and his mate paddled the kayaks back (I think, well that was plan A. Plan B was for the fellas to put the kayaks in the trailer to bring back. They were laughing and saw the funny side of it.

Sean and Kym caught a mess of squid during the morning so it was fresh calamari for tea cooked up by Kym. Seafood is his thing, so he's cooks it.

I headed out for sunset after tea.

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maryanne said...

fabulous shots,those colors are just spectacular tiff.