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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 18

A bit of an easterly breeze canned the idea of going out on the biscuit this morning :O(  so Kym gathered up some of the larger bits and pieces, together with Max the guinea pig and his hutch to take back home and start on the summer spraying late this arvo.

The kids and I headed to the playground to burn up some energy for a while. While there we decided to go to the movies in Lincoln in the late arvo.

That gave us time for me to pick up my travel documents, pick up a few last minute things and for Sean to have a hair cut.

 We also had a cup of coffee with Ann at Cafe Chino.

The deal between me and the kids was for them to watch a movie and I shoot a ruin on the way back to Tumby. They were happy with that. But when we got there the sky was just plain boring blue  :(  I'll be going past tomorrow night when I head down for scrapping so I'll revisit the ruin then and hopefully the sky is rocking.

While we've been on holidays its been a chance for the kids to do their own washing up. We've a dishwasher at home and its their job to unload each morning, so actually washing dishes is a bit of a novelty.

Kym's staying on farm tonight to be up at dawn to spray the summer weeds, so the kids snuggled into my bed to watch a DVD and seeing that they looked so comfy, I'll let them stay there for the night, and I'll sleep in Annie's bed. LOL, the things a Mum does for her kids. ;O)

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