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Friday, January 6, 2012

tumby 2012 - day 6

Pre dawn was a fiery show of pinks, oranges and yellows. It was such a delight to watch.

The sun made a showy appearance with starbursts leaping across the ocean.  :O)

 The light softened and this row of clouds marched across the sky from the west.

I crawled back into bed about 7am and woke up later to find this little man in bed with me.   awwwwww.

He made way for Annie have a snuggle with me.  :O)

Kym took the kids fishing off the pontoon while I pottered about.  They did catch 3 Brim and returned then back into the sea.

I was watching the sky a fair bit today and took off to catch this while Kym got lunch for the kids. Bless that man.

Kym went out fishing for the afternoon and I took the kids to their VAC swim lessons. Good surf for the wave boards today. Looked like fun.

A quick visit to the bakery was requested by both the kids after the swim.

We took the kids on the biscuit after Kym returned from fishing. And thanks to Annie for letting me take her camera on board the boat. mwah.

We took the fish remains after Kym cleaned them to feed the pelicans.

 I ventured out just before tea to catch the sunset. All the ingredients were there, warm, still, good cloud, a bit humid so more cloud build up was likely. But right at the crucial time a big thick cloudbank moved in and took the sun for the day. So nothing to show for the effort.

We'll see if I get up in the morning.....feeling a bit weary and I've lunch at the Marina with the Lock girls planned and Kym wants to take the kids out on the biscuit very first thing in the morning......

nitey nite.

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