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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

tumby 2012 - day 3

No sunrise for me this morning. Kym was on the farm outloading an early truck so I relished the sleep in with the kids. We didn't have a thing planned until I had a late morning phone call at the playground :O)

The kids and I did a loop trip via home to pick up a special something for Ann and we headed down to Lincoln and her pool. Another lovely afternoon frolicking in the pool. Just the ticket.

By the time we got back to the apartment Kym had just arrived too. There was a great cloud front coming in, so I headed out with the camera.

I ducked back in for tea and then headed out to catch the sunset. Mother Nature in all her glory.

There was an awesome post sunset glow of pink that I missed as I was driving back to the apartment to kiss the kids goodnight. Drats and darn.... it was a stunning show.  :(

It's late as I'm typing this and the wind has come up. I'm wondering what dawn will bring.

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