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Friday, January 20, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 20

It was grey, overcast and a good setting to go home. If it was bright sunshine and a day on the beach feel to the morning, it would have made it so much harder to leave.

As it was, I still wasn't really ready to come home after 3 weeks at the beach, but both Kym and I both have things that we need to get on with, so home we came.

Funny how it takes forever to pack to go the beach and next to no time to pack to bring it all home. lol. (Gotta love the canopy on my Hilux. Fits in soooooooooooo much stuff with oodles of room to spare.)

Once home, unpacked, washed and visited some friends I started to think about packing the suitcase with winter gear for the trip. And thinking is about as far as it got. I was stuffed and an early night was on the cards.


jaice said...

a great record of your holiday in Tumby Tiff. Loved reading about your everyday adventures and love loved your amazing photos. Looks like A & S had a wonderful time...loved seeing their big smiles... ) x

janice said...

oops that is from Janice xx