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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 10

The kids headed to Mission in the morning while I caught up on processing my shots, pottering in the apartment and enjoying some quiet time.

VAC swim was next on the agenda and by the look of Annie, the water must have been a bit on the cool side lol

Sean during his lesson

Annie running up to me for a big wet body hug..... lol I nearly fell over with the camera in hand.

Kym was back mid afternoon from his early morning start to fishing and he was looking for some quiet time. The kids had other ideas!!

Family Mission had a sandcastle comp on the beach late afternoon. This is Annie's team effort. No accolades but it was wonderful to watch the team effort and the cooperation.  Note the outward swirl of shells that start from the centre.  All the shells were collected off the beach.

Being a sandcastle comp, there were some hand props around  ;o)

My fave. Clean and simple.

 I asked Annie to run thru the water to me for a shot.

Sean too.

And a few drinks for our 'girls night in' as opposed to our annual 'girls night out'. Laughed a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Loving reading your leisurely days by the beach.

I also love your photography. Your photo's seem to pop with colour.
Thanks for sharing. Michelle