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Sunday, January 15, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 15

Kym and the kids headed out fishing this morning and I headed out on the kayaks with Christina for a leisurely paddle around the marina. We headed out over the sandbar, down the channel and into the marina. The top of the marina is just behind our back door here at the cabin, so we pulled the kayaks up on a pontoon, came into the cabin for a cup of tea/ice coffee and then paddled back.

Sean cracked the shits while fishing so I headed out to Second Creek to pick him up and to give Kym and Annie time to fish in peace. I took Sean down to the beach to give him some pointers with the wave board before I got the camera out. :O)

Needless to say he's got it worked out pmsl.  ;O)

Later in the afternoon Kym and Sean were smoking fish and I took Annie to the beach for her go on the board. She's got it all worked out too. I'll get em kneeling then standing next.

Sometimes is nice to break the photography rules and see something totally differently. I really love this shot.

Love this.

 Beaut day at the beach today and the next couple of days should be awesome in regards to the weather.

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