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Monday, January 30, 2012

Los Angeles 30.1.12

Had to set the alarm clock this morning for a rather rude 6.45am. Lee-Anne and I both had the same class at 8am. With a 15 minute walk there and time to get breakfast down without rushing it too much it called for an earlier rising than the last few days.

The class was Mixed Media Album with May Arts and more! which proved to be a mostly 7Gypsies class with  a token May Arts Ribbon. The thing I've learnt the most from doing all these classes is to scrap with speed. If you are a scrapper that like precise placement and time to do so, then these fast paced classes are not for you.
This class lasted 2 hours and we finished on time with a book all but done.
Pics to come later.

My next class was at 12p so that gave me time to walk back to the Ramada and do a load of washing and hang it on the ironing board by the window to dry. It also gave me time for a rather quick 10 minute power nap. Sure needed it.

12pm. Wescott Tools Tester. This company was most generous in their products. I've a 13inch trimmer/scorer to bring home as well as a pair of nifty scissors and a craft knife. We made a little book to take home with us.

That class finished at 2pm and I had a mission that I wanted to complete.

Gina told enquired asked me ages ago to get a photo of us with Liz Kratchner if at all possible, while I was here. So I did. Liz was very tickled with the idea of Gina on my phone to be in the photograph. She gave us a gift each to say thank you. 

And I loved her kicks. Without her heels she would nearly be the same height as me. 
Pic to come.

After farewelling Liz I wandered around to some make and take tables. October Afternoon, Martha Stewart

Cosmo Cricket, Marvy, and a few others.

The main reason why I'm here is as a fresh set of eyes for Danny and Lee-Anne for product searching, to bounce ideas from and while they are occuppied selecting/ordering products for Scrap Therapy, I can do the make and takes to show them some of what's new season.

Lots of yellow, mint, orange, plank/timber, heaps of washi like tape, banners everywhere. Two products that stood out for me where both similar. One is the Little Yellow Bicycle Confetti and Liz Kratchner's Dear Lizzy Banners. Both are presewn to make them so quick to use.  ( the internet is soooo slow here that I can't  have more than one page open and it drops out very regularly, so I can't open a secondry page to link the products atm.... sorry. Try google images for them)

I saw Mel Forbes's LO's at the Graphic 45 booth. They had the best booth by far!!!! All the staff dressed to suit the black them. The whole effect was dramatic.

pic to come.

I tagged Mel on FB and she asked me to take a pic of them. So I asked a couple of the G45's to help me out    :O)

By the time 6pm came round all 3 of us were foot sore. But that didn't stop us from walking back to the Ramada to drop off all the gear, and walk a km or so (probably longer as we inadvertently went round the block) to a Mall to have dinner at the Cheesecake Restaurant.  I was hankering for something with meat and three veg.  I ended up with a very nice Sheppards pie for tea. We all selected a piece of cheese cake to go in a doggy bag (a normal custom in the USA and frowned upon at home). After walking the 1km back to the room we tucked into the cheesecakes. 
pic to come

Nom. Nom. Nom.

I spent some time trying to Skype the kids but the internet was not being very user friendly at the time. But they did see me (on occasion) and me them (on occasion)

Bless you Paige for being there after school for them while I'm not home. You are so very thoughtful to offer. 

nitey nite


Janice Nicholls said...

Another amazing day by the sounds of it. Good on you Tiff. so happy for you. love Janice xx

:) Tiff said...

mwah Janice. thanks chick.