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Thursday, January 12, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 12

After putting the kids on the bus to Family Mission, I went back to bed. The late nights processing that day's images and the 'early lol' starts to have the kids up and away were starting to catch up.  Having to set the 8am alarm clock for the kids during their holidays seems a bit rude, but if they want to get to Mission on time, it has to happen.

The mornings have been so grey and overcast that I've not had a single guilty thought that I should be out 'there' photographing something.  :O)

Kym and I tagged teamed at lunchtime for him to have the kids for the rest of the day, meaning VAC swim, Family Mission Fun afternoon with the Merry Go Round, Face Painting, Bouncy Castle, Sausage Sizzle and the Concert last night. Alas Kym forgot to take Annie's camera (on purpose my thinks) so I have nothing to document the kids' time. Sean watched the concert, Annie was on stage. She sounded very happy with herself when I spoke to her about the concert.

The reason why I wasn't around is that I was shooting with John White down at Whaler's Way for the afternoon/evening. We spent time at Cape Wiles, Red Banks and Cape Carnot. The sun didn't really break through the clouds at all, so the light was really diffused and soft. So we've plans to return to Red Banks and Cape Carnot soon.

I'm still working on those images so nothing to show today.

After returning back to Lincoln and dropping John off (it was my turn to drive today ;o)   ) I headed round to Scrapworkz to catch up with the girls. I had the laptop with me to start processing what I had seen today.

Late night home to find the kids soundly asleep, (I love kissing them and snuffling them while they look so peaceful) and Kym wide awake. (He had a arvo sleep)

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