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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tumby bay 2012 - day 11

 Kym headed out early to go fishing this morning to fill the freezer. He's doing a home run tonight to empty out the freezer here to make room for fishing trips with the kids. Oh and to check his tomatoes, the peacock chicks, the chooks and run an eye over a job site.

I had hopes of heading out photographing while the kids were at Family Mission during the morning, but it was just grey and flat light. So I pottered and had some quiet time.

At VAC swim Annie had to do a safe entry jump from the jetty platform. She's done this only once before and this time round didn't faze her at all  ;oD

She jumped off several times just for the hell of it.   Atta girl!!!!!!

After VAC swim and Family Mission the kids veged for a bit. And seeing that it was a little cooler today they enjoyed watching a DVD in the comfort of my bed, all snug as a bug.

The sun finally made an appearance late this arvo so I headed out on the foreshore with an idea. I noticed the lawns were freshly mowed this morning which gave some lovely leading lines. The only problem I had is that I needed a ladder to get some height to be able to see the aquamarine water. So I knocked on a door of a home and asked if I could borrow one. Viola. Problem solved....... sometimes you only need to ask. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. ;o)

Silver eye gull on the wing.

Tumby offers the best wave action for jet skis......

and Batwings......

and Kite Surfing....

all posted with permission.

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